Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make Money With Survey Referrals

one of the survey sites. These are the sites where you get paid to try different offers and fill out surveys. You can pick up some extra money doing this but not a lot as the surveys may pay anywhere from a quarter to a dollar and the offers not much more. People who join these sites either end up loving them because they can make a couple of dollars everyday or hating them because they can't make enough.

When you sign up for a survey site, and there are a lot of them, the chances are it has some sort of referral program. Most people have no idea what a referral program is and end up missing one of the best ways to make money. If you do a search online, you will be able to find lists of the many ways you can refer people to a site and if they use your link, you will get credit. Unfortunately, most of these lists only have offline ways to refer people such as printing up business cards and leaving flyers on cars. While these methods might work, they are no where near as effective as moving your referring efforts online.

Even online, many people attempt to get survey referrals in the wrong way. A common method is to sign up to many forums and include your link in the signature. Then they spend many hours every day looking through the forums and answering questions hoping their links will be seen and followed by the other forum members. This ends up being a lot of hard work for very little return as people in forums are quite Internet savvy and most have already heard about and signed up for surveys.

Anyone who wants to learn how to make referrals in the most efficient way needs to start a blog and learn how to drive targeted traffic to it. Once you get a steady stream of targeted traffic that converts, it is like opening up a water faucet and having the water pour out. Unfortunately, most poeple have little knowledge about blogs and even less knowledge about how to get traffic. Putting up a blog, writing articles for it, and getting traffic is not something that is done overnight. The process takes a tremendous amount of patience and it can take many months of hard work to become successful. If you do things correctly though, the end result can be worth it.

One of the best survey sites is called CashCrate and it is because of their referral system that they are the best. It is my belief that you can make more money with CashCrate referrals than referrals from any other site. They pay you for both first level referrals and second level referrals as well. As mentioned above though, most people have no idea how to go about making referrals and miss out on this part of the money. Although you can make money with the surveys, you can make so much more by getting the referrals and it is a shame that so many people never learn how to do it.

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